For weightlifters, BULK is the magazine that will quench the thirst for knowledge and motivate both men and women to push the limits of their bodies.


“The fitness industry is becoming increasingly elitist and the advent of social media is only making it worse; people need a space that allows them to have direction, support, and accountability.”


The fitness industry is failing due to the fact that information is only spread through the internet (including social media) and through word of mouth.

Misinformation is everywhere — that is what makes it so hard for students, beginners, and even intermediate level athletes and enthusiasts to begin or continue their weightlifting journey.


Bulk Magazine focuses their content on four main target groups: The 9-5er, the student, the beginner, and the intermediate.

It uses text, illustrations, and photographs to convey different aspects of the sport (including, but not limited to: excersise programming, wellness, nutrition, and equipment).