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For weightlifters, BULK is the magazine that will quench the thirst for knowledge and motivate both men and women to push the limits of their bodies.




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The fitness industry is becoming increasingly elitist and the advent of social media is only making it worse; people need a space that allows them to have direction, support, and accountability.


Contemporarily, the fitness industry presents its information through two different streams: through the internet (including social media) and through word of mouth. Due to this, the industry is failing. Any individual on Instagram can hoax one into buying skinny tea packets or write an article on the popular website. Misinformation is everywhere — that is what makes it so hard for students, beginners, and even intermediate level athletes and enthusiasts to begin or continue their weightlifting journey.


The 9-5er, or the working (wo)man:

These people require the least amount of away-time as possible so they can be close to their families. They are able to invest more money on their athletic path through nutrition, supplements, and even their own equipment.

The student

Since students are on a strict budget, they must be able to find a gym with all the equipment they need without breaking the bank. They also need to be able to get the proper nutrition in order to perform at their most optimal level, which quickly gets expensive and time consuming. Finally, students must find a program that will not interfere with their school schedule, homework, social life, and other recreational activities.

The beginner

Beginners are consumed with what the current fitness industry makes them believe. They require guidance and knowledge before even setting for into a gym. They are already motivated and eager to learn, however, they require an extra push to begin their journey. A strict plan to follow for both nutrition and weight training is needed.

The Intermediate

Intermediate weightlifters are stubborn and of-ten stuck in their own ways. However, this actually prevents them from progressing in the sport. They require extra motivation and need to be open to trends and new techniques to keep their process new and fresh.