Who am I?


As a developing designer, photographer and writer, it is in my nature that my thoughts are riddled with both visual and linguistic notions. 

Through the motif of questioning, I am able to start a discussion about how and what we see in relation to how we experience it and contextualize what these observations and resulting judgments in the scope of the contemporary landscape.

My work provides a dissenting voice through being delineated from popular culture, history, and social and political events. My designs are largely based on commemorating disparate formal elements to reveal hidden, captivating connections. In addition, the type of design I wish to convey reveals hidden, unconventional truths in the topic at hand through the reoccurring theme of questioning prevalent stereotypes.

I aim to make my audience wrestle with their own preconceived notions of societal norms by encouraging them to delve into their thoughts in an effort to engage with my visual stories.